Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tablescape Alert {Thanksgiving}

It's that time of year ~ my favorite holiday!! THANKSGIVING!!  I was styling a birthday party a couple weeks ago and was reminded of one of my favorite party stylists, Amanda Parker at Amanda's Parties To Go.  She has been my inspiration for several parties including this Ladies Bunco Get-Together:

And this Teen Birthday Party:

This Mother's Day Beauty:

A Magical Middle School Birthday:

A Superbowl Extravaganza:

And our Family Thanksgiving 3 years ago:

Check out this Kid Table that she designed:

So, what to do this year?  I, of course, went to the Mother of all Inspiration ~ Pinterest, and found these Thanksgiving tablescapes:

Do I keep it simple?

Or go Vintage White?

How about we take it outside?

Or keep it more traditional?

What would you like to see this year?  You can weigh in below!


  1. I'm all about the all white!!!! But they all look great!

  2. ...vintage white - BUT throw in one random bright color to keep it cheery... :)

  3. Thank you Jonica! You've just given me a good idea ;)

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