Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jump Shout Boogie

Well, that got your attention didn't it!! I want to give a shout out to another one of my favorites, Deanna Jump. You'll find her over at Mrs. Jump's Class. I border on stalking the poor soul. I mean the creativity just drips off of her 1st class Georgia accent ;) I own almost every unit she's ever created and by the end of the school year I plan to own every one of them. If I could teach every day the Deanna Jump way I would go home such a happy teacher. But alas, things like RTI and assessing get in the way. But this week, in honor of my favorite holiday and because I am so thankful for her, I did just that! All of the activities you see here are from her Thanksgiving Math & Literacy Fun which you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers. We made a variation of these darling Long Legged Turkeys (I combined Mrs. Jump's directions with a freebie from Mrs. Miner)
Then we surveyed each other and created a pie graph entitled Do You Like to Eat Turkey?
Then we were off to learn about the historical story of Thanksgiving! I couldn't believe how many of my kiddos had NO IDEA about the story behind Thanksgiving. What are pilgrims???!?? We spent a lot of time reading some great non-fiction books and watching some great youtube videos and then they created their own Why, Who, and What sentences.
Then, we made these cuter-than-cute Turkey Glyphs and I hid some treats inside that they had to promise not to open until Thanksgiving Day! They probably didn't make it home before they tore them open ~ lol!!
And it would not be complete without a fun Thanksgiving feast prepared for 80 precious guests :)
And there you have it, three pooped but very happy teachers ...
Now doesn't that just melt your Thanksgiving butter!?! SO, boogie on over to Mrs. Jump's Kindergarten and I promise you, you'll get some inspiration of your own! And when you're done enjoy some Barry Manilow on me!
Get it??


  1. Hi there..I love mrs jump too. Thanks for sharing your fun activities.
    Ps I'm your newest follower.

  2. Thank you Vicky :) Isn't she the greatest?