Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanks ~ giveaway

One of my favorites from wayback, Colleen at Teaching Heart, is having a really generous giveaway this week. Teaching Heart has been around since way before Teachers Pay Teachers, way before Pinterest, and way before blogging became a word in the English language. I remember discovering her in the early 2000's and totally eating up everything she had on her website. It's one of those that you could literally spend days on and you would never reach the bottom. At that time in my life, I had two school age children and two babies but I would devour her website daily and dream of the day that I would have my own little space :). She was the original inspiration for my desire to have a Center-Driven Classroom. I would print off her methods and go over them trying to imagine and plan every last detail. Four years ago, when I had gone back to teaching for the first time "after-kids", her pictures and descriptions regarding Graphing were especially helpful to me. You can see some of them here.
And now, you can also find her on Teachers Pay Teachers! So, because I highly recommend everything she creates you should take this chance to win one of her cute products. Hurry, there's only 4 more days!
You'll love Colleen ~ she's truly a teacher with HEART!!


  1. Wow Suzie - Thanks so much for your kind support and your loyalty to Teaching Heart for so many years! It is teachers like you that make all of this worthwhile and keep me plugging along when there are so many others plugging too. I am so glad that Teaching Heart is part of your classroom. It has also been fun getting to know you personally over the last few years through Facebook. I rarely get to know my readers like I have gotten to “know” you through Facebook! Your creativity with your classroom and with party planning is so fun to see. I am so glad you are blogging now and sharing your talents with everyone in teacher bloggy world. You are such a great mom and an inspiration to me when I see you’re beautiful daughters and the relationship you have with them. I pray when my daughter is older we will have a similar bond. Once again thanks for the kind words and for hanging tight to Teaching Heart all these years. I appreciate you! I pray your blog will have great success and help many teachers out in the world.

  2. Thank you [[big smile & a hug]]!
    I would love to actually meet in person some day!